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Hair Rejuvenation

Revitalize Your Locks with PRP Hair Rejuvenation

At RVA Med Spa, we understand the profound impact that a full head of hair can have on one's confidence and self-image. That's why we're proud to offer PRP Hair Rejuvenation, a cutting-edge treatment designed to harness your body's natural healing power to restore hair density and vitality.


What is PRP Hair Rejuvenation?

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Hair Rejuvenation is a non-surgical treatment that utilizes the growth factors in your own blood to stimulate dormant hair follicles and promote hair regrowth. By drawing a small sample of your blood, processing it to concentrate the platelets, and then injecting it into the scalp, we can encourage natural hair growth where thinning has occurred.


Key Benefits of PRP Hair Rejuvenation:

  1. Natural Approach: Uses your body's own platelets, minimizing the risk of allergic reactions or side effects.

  2. Clinically Proven: Studies have shown significant hair regrowth in areas treated with PRP.

  3. Quick and Minimal Discomfort: Each session is swift, and any discomfort is minimized with a topical anesthetic.

  4. Suitable for Men and Women: Effective for various types of hair loss, including androgenic alopecia.


How PRP Works for Hair Growth:

The growth factors in PRP play a pivotal role in hair follicle regeneration. When introduced to areas of thinning or hair loss, they:

  • Stimulate the hair follicle stem cells.

  • Extend the growth phase of the hair cycle.

  • Increase blood supply to the hair follicle.

Rediscover Thicker, Fuller Hair

Don't let hair loss hold you back. Embrace the transformative power of PRP Hair Rejuvenation and step forward with renewed confidence. Schedule your consultation at RVA Med Spa today and embark on your journey to lusher, denser hair.

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